Olga "Toni" Nelson Art Scholarship

Provided by Sidney Museum and Arts Association

The Olga "Toni" Nelson Art Scholarship is awarded to a high school student (including students being home schooled) from the South Kitsap,WA area each year in May. Applications are available at the Sidney Art Gallery during the Student Show (held in March), as well as at the South Kitsap High School and the Sidney Museum and Arts Association website. Applications are accepted from January through May. The submissions are reviewed by a committee. The decision and the award is made by the end of May. The scholarship is sent directly to the college or art school chosen by the scholarship winner once confirmation of enrollment is received by the Sidney Museum and Arts Association. More information on the requirements necessary to apply for the scholarship can be found on the website.
Academic Year:
2015 - 2016
Scholarship Amount:
Number of Awards:
Application Start Date:
Application Due Date:

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